Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Amateur Tastebud: Delectable Davao

Have A Taste of Davao!
[Robbi and Kricket's Food Trips-turned Public Service!]

These reviews are long overdue and thanks to that, I have a wonderful title, haha. For the benefit of the first time readers (like i have that many!), this section is like where I can rave about some of the good, scratch that, best food I've like tasted so far. Judging from the column title, it's coming from a nobody (-ies) who practically just loves to eat. So no fancy spice names, no hyfaluting taste terms (apparently, my kitchen vocab can only go so far as the tastebud shows), and no pricey place recommendations whose names practically spell $ ka-ching $!

For locals and tourists alike, who happen to pass by this page, here's a treat for you as August is only a day away, and the famous Kadayawan (vernacular for good, good harvest, etc) Festival is just around the corner. With your plane tickets and hotel rooms booked as planned, there's no way you'd be throwing away a probable "time of your life" (Oh, Cookie.) by not knowing the best where to's and what to's as regards local food destinations. Thus, this post would just be the first of several entries. Also, I would like to apologize in advance for the rather inaccurate dish names as I had some issues with my blessed cellphone memory where I saved down the dish names. I am hoping the pictures from my often low-batt phone would suffice, though. lol. So, let's get those tastebuds working!

When in Davao, try Coco's!

If you're hungry, or claim to have a large appetite, this is the place for you. At least, if rice is the staple food in your region, though you can always have mashed potatoes in lieu of it. However, if you prefer the latter, that would mean missing out on the glory of the rice that is Coco's. Forgive the misplaced adjectives above but what I meant by it was that unlike most "flavored" rice dishes, Coco's rice does not take away or interfere with your enjoyment of the the flavors in the main dish itself. And from someone who is obsessed with rice, I can say their serving is HUGE, absolutely more than enough to fill you!

But what's rice without the dish? Their Babyback Ribs (above) is a definite delight! If you're not the figure-conscious type, you'd enjoy this one fo' sho'. Cooked to perfection, with the sweetness that's just right. Although available in half and whole servings, this meal is heavy enough to make you want for not just more servings, but for even more tummy space! A sure filler! The best part is, it costs less than the other BBR dishes out there.

Coco's Grilled Chicken (left) is another must-try too! Grilled just right, and topped with melted cheese and bacon bits, the flavors fight for domination as soon as the bits touch your tongue. However, I was slightly disappointed with the sweet/sour dip/sauce that came with it as I was expecting a bit more, for a lack of more specific term, descriptively flavorful. For this dish though, I recommend trying it with Mashed Potatoes instead of rice to better enjoy the flavors (I had rice with it, so I can tell!) and also since the two slices are a wee bit out of proportion with their monster rice serving.

After a rather generous meal, you may opt to try Coco's line of sweets and desserts among which We, more specifically Boo, would highly recommend their Moist Chocolate Cake (left) -- packed, not too chewy, and wildly chocolatey (cake/coating/garnish - all chocolate!). Boo actually still couldn't stop raving about how good it is, despite its rather uncreative name --one that doesn't quite give justice to its out-of-this-world-liness. How good you ask? One word, Boo says "damn".

Other great desserts include the classic Chocolate Mousse and the post-modern Apple [insert proper term that sounds like souffle or krevacuk (wait, that was a singer?) or whatever here] Pie Thingy (right) --baked apple slices with special oatmeal stuffing, with hints of cinnamon and caramel, topped with a scoop of the vanilla ice cream and nuts. Even the description already tells you how good it is. I personally loved loved loved this one. Seriously, Apple and Cinammon are already like heaven's perfect combination! Add oatmeal, caramel, the cold and classic sweet, milky french vanilla to it and your eyes are going to roll upon first bite. I honestly found it impossible not to have gone "MMmmMMmm". I bet Boo would have gone "damn" too.

Tastebud Ratings: (click here for more on my silly rating scheme)
Babyback Ribs, Moist Choc. Cake, Apple Pie Thingy:
-Need to Go Home! Ate waaaaay to much, I need to unload! (5/5)
Grilled Chicken:
-Return Act Awardee. Definitely eating this again! (4/5)
Budget Buzz: A bit pricey if you're not the "spend-for-food" type, but totally freakin' worth it!

If you want to check Coco's out, drop by their place at Torres St., Davao City.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Dark Dreamer: Season 3 Promo and Spoilers

Bay Harbor Butcher is Back!

It's the weirdest thing when you start hoping a killer doesn't get caught, when most of the time you just want them to burn in hell. Well, Sylar (Heroes) was (the love needs to be rekindled! I need Season 3! ) my first love as regards serial killers and I have sort of gotten fond with T-bag and Mahone but Dexter has this very special place in my heart, for a reason I have not yet quite understood. I love how he's subtle on the outside, but maniacal on the inside. I think Season 2 humanized Dexter though, as opposed to his dead emotions in the Pilot season. His discovery of emotions is what endears him more to his audience, I think. Anyway, here are some stuffs to tickle your murdering fancies:

Warning: Spoilers - don't blame me if I ruin your fun! (from here)
from TV Squad’s Comic-Con report after the jump.

In attendance: Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Clyde Phillips and Melissa Rosenberg. Our friend Kristin from E! moderated the panel.

* Lots of boos from the crowd at the mention of how Dexter appears on CBS. I’m not really sure why, as it’s opened up to a wider audience. It’s not like it’s leaving Showtime!

* We were treated to some scenes from the upcoming season. A “botched kill” by Dexter occurs, as he wasn’t sure of the man’s guilt, and that seems to be one of the main themes of the new season. The trailer featured Jimmy Smits, of course. Dexter is also collecting more slides. The new season premieres September 28.

* Wow, I gotta say Julie Benze looked fantastic. I guess they purposely make her appear a bit more “ragged” in Dexter, because she was pretty stunning up there today.

* Jimmy Smits’s character is considered Dexter’s new “friend” on the show. The two get to a point of no return, so to speak, in their friendship.

* Themes this season: Family values and the evolution of Dexter as a man.

* Lundy will not be back this season.

* Deb will have the beginnings of a relationship next season, but it “will not be with whom you’d expect.” Clyde Phillips was very careful with this one, noting it’s spoiler territory.

* Julie Benz says she’d appear on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse in a heartbeat, if asked.

* Phillips said that comic books would be a natural fit for the show, should it be considered later.

* When asked if Rita’s kids would play a role much like they do in the books (most notably, Rita’s son Cody), Phillips said it was something talked about before, but they decided not to go there and to challenge themselves to do something other than what the books did.

* Kiddingly asked about a CSI: Miami crossover, Hall said it’d be funny if Dexter just came onto the show, helped solved a crime (since he is a cop, after all), and that was it. Brilliant!

* Hall said his favorite kill was Little Chino, since he was so freakin’ big and it felt satisfying to bring him down.

* Marc Ecko (the Barry Bonds ball guy?!) came on and mentioned a Dexter game, coming first to the iPhone and iPhone touch. It’ll include using SMS, gestures, phone calls, and be an “episodic” game.

* There’s a “huge shocking reveal” in the season premiere. Of course they wouldn’t go into that much, just to confirm it and that Dexter says something that he cannot pull back from.

Eeeeeeeeeeeep. Those spoilers got me all giddy! My thoughts: First, it's a bummer Lundy won't be back. I liked that old chap, not the Deb-likes-Lundy kind though. Next, Dexter's on CBS? I even forgot where they aired last time. Not that I don't care, but I'm a torrent person, and my geographical location would be a perfect justification (No Fox, No CBS. So screw anti-piracy) so yeah, wherever it airs is fine. Lastly, Hall loved taking Little Chino down! haha. Oh and Dexter game, great, another reason to BUY the iPhone. Weird, i have this mental image of him crawling under the door or spraying something on wild plants - oh wait, that was Daxter. Anyway, here's a teaser/trailer. Enjoy!

The Lock-up: Season 4 Promos

Here are teasers/trailers for Season 4 of Prisonbreak, my first love in TV Series. Enjoy:

Video credits: Speedy3702

Video credits: Darkufo

The Dark Dreamer: Dexter's Season 3 Spoiler!

Keeping the Code?

I just remembered Dexter, all of of a sudden. So i rummaged the internet for some good stuff. Here's a major spoiler for Season 3. If you're the corny type, and doesn't want to get spoiled, skip this post.
When asked if Dex might break the code and kill someone innocent, Phillips dished, “Yes, he will. And without giving too much away, I will say we can consider it dropping a pebble on a mountainside filled with snow, and it will cause an avalanche.” from here.
My first reaction was like . . Noooooooooooooooooo! Harry's code must be kept! I am hoping, like the author of the quoted post above, that this be an issue of mistaken identity, or something. But this should be a really interesting twist! I am so freakin' excited. I want my Dexter fix now!

Some teasers at DarkUfo's.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Yay Moblog!

So, i'm kinda late, but i'm still figuring out how the heck this thing works. I'm having serious issues with Blogger's on-the-go blogging feature, so i'm trying their email feature instead. Hope this works!

The Lock-up: Season 4 Promo Pic

'Stached T-bag!

I know I haven't been very up to date, but at least I'm trying to catch up. With all the fangirling I'm going through, I have a tendency to forget about some things haha. Sorry Scofield! Forgive me and know you still are my first love. lmao. Anyway, here's the Season 4 Promo Photo.

T-bag in a suit and mustache! Sara ressurected! Scofield still hot! Mahone undrugged! New characters! Looks like we're in for an interesting season. The not-so-creative "theme" tells me the coming season might be similar to S2, where everyone is on the "go". I mean they're "on the road", if that tells you any less.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Music Buzz / Idolmania: Nuts Over Archie's Insane "Crazy" Performance!

Urban Legend No More

If you have followed the AI's past season religiously, I am sure you are well aware that Castro and Archuleta's Hollywood Week Day1 auditions never aired due to song clearance issues. Clips, however, showed the judges raving over this certain song the latter did which viewers never really knew what until Josiah Lemming spilled in an interview it was Gnarls Barkley's Crazy. He said the performance was so amazing it gave him chills, or something along those lines. Here's how Simon, Dawg, and Paula reacted (around 0:26 - 0:45) :

Ever since the fans knew about the song being Crazy, it's been kind of a wishful thinking to hear Archie sing it on the show, which obviously didn't happen. Although he hinted about having panned to sing it during the finale, song clearance issues barred such a dream from coming true. Of course, after the show, Jason (who i, too, love!) surprisingly got the song cleared for his tour set. I love conspiracy theories, especially with the farce that is AI but I'd rather abuse your mind, and save the detective work for a separate blog. Since the song has already been cleared, naturally Archie, ever the fan-spoiling artist, finally heeded his fans' year/months-long cries and demands as he guested on Fox 13's Good Day Utah.

Not so Random Story: That reminds me of the insane evening I had last night when I found out he would go on live to perform a song on Fox13. I followed the live stream online around 7am Mountain Time (9am Est, 9pm Phils), and was all giddy when he finally got on the set. Little did I know such excitement would turn into extreme anger when my brother picked me up. Of all the times he could, he did so at that moment when I was finally going to verify the myth of the Hollywood Week auditions, and boy did I act like a brat. I stomped my foot, furrowed my brows, and grumbled incessantly. What would you have done in such a frustrating situation? I am certain I blurted out what seemed like "Go. FLLLYYY home." to him as soon as I got in the car, to which he obliged. We zoomed our way through the road and the next thing I knew, we were home. Still at the gate, I already pulled out my laptop and connected to the feed like a crazed little fangirl. Thank God for wireless signals, as soon as the car was parked, the door flew open and I dashed thru the living room, up the stairs and straight into my room -- with my laptop screen flipped open, and the entire unit dangling on my side and held by one hand. I plugged my earphones and sat down to listen. I was majorly pissed when I missed Archie doing the weather, but was delighted to learn he hasn't performed yet. So yeah, it turned out to be a happy ending - although without magic rainbows!

Finally, here's Archie's soulful rendition of Gnarls Barkely's Crazy, performed live on Fox 13's GDU:

I think it was hauntingly beautiful! So much soul! Brilliant! Pure love!... it's an endless string of adoration. If you enjoyed that, here's an enhanced mp3 version (less echo/reverb) for download. That ends my little ramble for now.

Credits: Video - ronaldsf, Audio - sl_productions

Sunday, July 13, 2008

my first shot at photoshop

Just a week ago, i tried learning photoshop and hoped to figure out how the effects and all that PS jazz works. I know, it's not that big of an achievement when there are hundreds of 14-year olds out there who are already experts at PS but still, don't be a buzz kill! Of course, before anything else, I needed a subject to work on and be able to start a project. Being the extreme fangirl that I have been lately, I had no better choice than Archie. Come on, with his pretty face, an artist can never go wrong. That smile would radiate like a bursting ray of sunshine and turn the entire project into a masterpiece. It may be impossible to find a bad shot of this kid, even at his most awkward moments. The difficulty though, lies in choosing the perfect picture/s to use since every single pic just fights for that top spot. It's insane, especially if you decide to use just one picture!

Satisfied, although a bit unsure, with my own work, i tried my luck and submitted it to the weekly gallery contest at Fanblast. They have had a lot of great gallery submissions for the past week, with R4D and Andrew as my favorite artists. R4d is Filipino too, and has the most gorgeous pieces I've ever seen!

Today, I opened Fanblast and couldn't stop squeeing in extreme delight and utter joy to see my name splattered all across the front page. I freaking won! I had this huge grin on my face, I looked like a friggin' retard for about 3 minutes. I think its really neat to have won considering this was my first project, and to be alongside some really gorgeous works! If you click on the screenshot it'll lead you to the page where I am currently having my 15seconds of fame, haha.

Here are more of the entries which got honorable mentions too. Check out R4D's. I love it!

Before I lose control and go all fangirly to the nth degree, here's my first shot at working with photoshop, the "winning piece". It's a 1280x 800 jpeg wallpaper in which I used some splatter, negative and stitches brushes. Just in case you want to check it out for yourself, that is. Just click on the thumbnail below.

Free Image Hosting at
1280x800, jpeg.
Stand By Me-D.A.
Brush Credits

I have soooo much to learn, still, and I am so excited. I love PS! and I love Archie! By the way, You guys check this site out, its where I got my first set of brushes and vectors. I tell you, it's all sorts of awesome! So much for fangirling, I'm off to download new brushes and PS stuffs!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tech Buzz: ayePhone vs nayePhone

I was all giddy to receive this email from Apple. It's been, what, like just a month or so ago when I was more than determined to buy the 1st generation iPhone, only to be stopped by my psychic boo. I'm still amazed at how he predicted Apple was going to release a new version at this stage of the year. You should be the marketing manager for Apple, Robbi!

And now that my wishful thinking has been translated into reality, Apple releasing a newer version of the iPhone, that is, I'm actually going to list a few reasons on why I should keep on waiting for a better - per Robbi's calculations - release. Although this may sound like sourgrapes, it's not.

Reasons Why Kricket Shouldn't Shell Out for iPhone 2, Just Yet.

No Philippine release until September, 2008: I've been to an Apple-licensed distributor store at the mall today, and the lady matter-of factly told me this not-so dream phone of mine wouldn't see Philippine grounds til Fall, not that we have that season here. I don't want to risk having it shipped. Precious glass surface.

2 megapixel camera: 2 phones as of now are above 3 megapixel, so I don't quite understand how Apple tolerates a camera resolution that was popular when I was in my freshman year of law, or senior year of college for that matter. I have a feeling their engineers have forgotten that camera phone resolution is supposed to, at least, go with the year ending. 2007 had phones released with 5, 6 and 7mp. It's 2008, do the math. Oh, and did i mention no self-portrait mirror nor flash?

Multimedia Drought/Insufficiency: 3G, MMS, TV? Yes, i know the phone actually has 3G but video-conferencing being the best feature that comes with this technology, they should have seriously considered adding a forward-faced camera, am i correct? 3G without video-conferencing just doesn't make sense. I feel all nostalgic, trying to look back at my college days, with a Nokia 6630 (2.5G - for whatever reason they left out .5) when I actually had to face the mirror to fully appreciate a video call with my dad. I forgive Nokia knowing that was years ago. Back then, I also remember my local service provider advertising their latest Live TV service, at 30P/day which leaves me wondering why Apple couldn't support such feature at this time of the century? Then I remembered, Itunes! Yes. I'd have to blog separately about that. Then again, the inability to send/receive MMS. Okay, so maybe you can send multimedia thru email, but it would be a pity not to be able to open a mms message from other phones, considering you're supposed to have the coolest phone on earth.

Price: Heh, half the price my arse. Check the tiny speck on the picture, yes that one I pointed with a lamely-drawn arrow (What? you reckon i'd actually photoshop it?). It's 199$ for a two-year contract. I need to get my facts straight, but it's 5am here, so I'd just say I am shocked to learn it's actually still 600$ outside the plan. Locally, Globe Telecom is said to be the official carrier. I wonder how much they will offer a prepaid package for? I asked them about 2 weeks ago, and all the lady could say was "Info will be out by late September but it surely will be available for prepaid users". Apparently, they're still conducting trainings for those who will be assigned to the iphone department. I just stood there with an "oh, okay" face even though my brain was screaming "Hear this, i'll email you a video tutorial and FAQ page from the internet on how to use an iphone, heck i'll even gladly write one for you cause as far as i know, even my 5-year old sister knows how to surf the web, much less figure out how phones work so just give me that darn info right now, cause I need to save up, lady!". P9,000 won't be to too big of an amount to save, but it's getting past Globe's hypocritical and oozing with superiority complex plan-approving team that I'm worried about.

Memory/Expansion: What "advanced" phone doesn't have MMC/SD/MS etc slots? It's insane. Not as half as crazy as Apple saying there won't be a 32gig release though. Of course there won't be, for now. Not until the Holiday bells start jingling and the 8/16gig ones are out of stock, that is. I need to find a good eye-rolling icon.

What's the verdict, then? Naye. I'll tarry. And hope that Apple won't give me another set of reasons to "just wait for iPhone 3" by then. It would go on forever. But who knows, when that pretty glass surface glistens before my eyes come September, i'll be salivating and rendering this post moot and academic.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Music Buzz: Archuleta's first single "Crush" to air on August 12, 2008

Crush, by the Crusher

Archie is reported (well, more of a result of excellent detective work by Nicole of Idolforums) to have a single listed under ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), named "Crush". This was discovered a few days ago, and naturally, all the fangirls/boys came spazzing and freaking out (in a good way) over this, possibly, as the first single out.

Lo and behold, today's news at All Access, (you will have to be registered to see this sidebar on the left) reports that Archie's new single "Crush" will impact radios on August 12, 2008 . The single will air on radios everywhere (hopefully soon enough here in my region!) although it wouldn't yet be available for download right away. This is a strategy on the record label's part to make sure the single gains enough following (not that Archie doesn't already have a ton) and exposure before putting it up. I love the fact that Archie is signed with Jive!

As for the people involved, or those he is working with for the single, here's MJ's report:

Checking out the ASCAP listing for “Crush”, it has Dave Hodges, late of the band Evanescence–and famously the subject of Kelly Clarkson’s blistering single “Never Again”–listed as a writer. Hodges wrote “Because of You” and “Addicted” with Kelly for her album Breakaway. ASCAP also lists two other writers on the cut, Jess Clayton Cates, and Emanuel Kiriakou.

More more on David’s upcoming album–it’s been reported that he’s working with The Underdogs, Kara DioGuardi and Ryan Tedder of the band OneRepublic.

So they're definitely one of the best hitmakers out there, that's for sure. And I am keeping my fingers crossed that Archie will be on top of the Billboard charts soon enough. Although i found my boo's habit for checking the US charts for what songs to look forward to as a bit obssessive, I am conceding to the thought of going all geeky and follow the US, UK, World Charts to keep track of Archie's status. I need to find a better word for obsession.

I find it funny Cowell said he "crushed the competition", and that Seacrest kept calling him "the crusher" on the show. Papa Johns even labeled him as a "juggernaut". Looks like 19E and Jive agrees. Haha, although the song may well be about heart-related issues.

To add to the fangirliness, and give you an idea of how freaking excited I am, here's how i look like:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Outrageous Stuffs: When Safe Sex Isn't Safe!

No, this isn't going to be a Maxim-ish or FHM-ish kind of post, so my apologies to anyone who was expecting that sort. If it's any consolation, it's still related to sex anyway, in a rather disturbing way though. But let's get it on! (pun!)

Heck, Even NO Sex Isn't Safe!

We see environmental movements almost everywhere, from magazines to television ads - more often than not, promoted by some of the biggest stars and most famous people on the world - and covering projects as wide as "Saving the Seas" , "Clear the Clouds", and who knows what other onomatopoeic slogans are there to catch your attention. But we all know that perhaps the most common and easiest way to participate in these eco-related projects is through Recycling. Just for exposition's sake, here:

But China would beg to differ. I am sure though that you are aware of their rather distorted views on ecological, environmental, medical and ethical issues. Through the years, we have been acquainted with a wtf-ful of events: ranging from pukeworthy rather than exotic delicacies (grilled fetus, monkey brains, ant soups, newborn rodent salads and shall-i-continue-the-pukefest sort of things) to not just hazardous but deadly children's stuffs (toxic crayons and lead-infused plastic toys) to poor electronics (overheating remotes and exploding batteries). Shall I continue to elaborate, it's going to be a circus!

But the climax (pun!) of this all has yet to be reported. Only two things could have triggered this sheer genius of a creation:

1) extreme love for the environment, or
2) extreme hate for mankind. cough*biologicalwar&weaponry*cough*

So, give me the pleasure (pun is fun!) of bringing to you this nobel-prize potential, and the ultimate abomination in manufacturing history:

Candy Colored ELASTIC Headbands!

Not what you expected? That's just a teaser.

Get ready.

*drum roll*

I'm afraid it IS what you think it is.


Final blow below (can't.resist.pun.) !!!

Here's the catch: China is saving the environment, making lots of girls happy, and spreading AIDS secretly one condom at a time. And you thought you were hardcore.

At least, they washed it.

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