Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Music Buzz / Idolmania: Nuts Over Archie's Insane "Crazy" Performance!

Urban Legend No More

If you have followed the AI's past season religiously, I am sure you are well aware that Castro and Archuleta's Hollywood Week Day1 auditions never aired due to song clearance issues. Clips, however, showed the judges raving over this certain song the latter did which viewers never really knew what until Josiah Lemming spilled in an interview it was Gnarls Barkley's Crazy. He said the performance was so amazing it gave him chills, or something along those lines. Here's how Simon, Dawg, and Paula reacted (around 0:26 - 0:45) :

Ever since the fans knew about the song being Crazy, it's been kind of a wishful thinking to hear Archie sing it on the show, which obviously didn't happen. Although he hinted about having panned to sing it during the finale, song clearance issues barred such a dream from coming true. Of course, after the show, Jason (who i, too, love!) surprisingly got the song cleared for his tour set. I love conspiracy theories, especially with the farce that is AI but I'd rather abuse your mind, and save the detective work for a separate blog. Since the song has already been cleared, naturally Archie, ever the fan-spoiling artist, finally heeded his fans' year/months-long cries and demands as he guested on Fox 13's Good Day Utah.

Not so Random Story: That reminds me of the insane evening I had last night when I found out he would go on live to perform a song on Fox13. I followed the live stream online around 7am Mountain Time (9am Est, 9pm Phils), and was all giddy when he finally got on the set. Little did I know such excitement would turn into extreme anger when my brother picked me up. Of all the times he could, he did so at that moment when I was finally going to verify the myth of the Hollywood Week auditions, and boy did I act like a brat. I stomped my foot, furrowed my brows, and grumbled incessantly. What would you have done in such a frustrating situation? I am certain I blurted out what seemed like "Go. FLLLYYY home." to him as soon as I got in the car, to which he obliged. We zoomed our way through the road and the next thing I knew, we were home. Still at the gate, I already pulled out my laptop and connected to the feed like a crazed little fangirl. Thank God for wireless signals, as soon as the car was parked, the door flew open and I dashed thru the living room, up the stairs and straight into my room -- with my laptop screen flipped open, and the entire unit dangling on my side and held by one hand. I plugged my earphones and sat down to listen. I was majorly pissed when I missed Archie doing the weather, but was delighted to learn he hasn't performed yet. So yeah, it turned out to be a happy ending - although without magic rainbows!

Finally, here's Archie's soulful rendition of Gnarls Barkely's Crazy, performed live on Fox 13's GDU:

I think it was hauntingly beautiful! So much soul! Brilliant! Pure love!... it's an endless string of adoration. If you enjoyed that, here's an enhanced mp3 version (less echo/reverb) for download. That ends my little ramble for now.

Credits: Video - ronaldsf, Audio - sl_productions


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