Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Lock-up: Season 4 Promo Pic

'Stached T-bag!

I know I haven't been very up to date, but at least I'm trying to catch up. With all the fangirling I'm going through, I have a tendency to forget about some things haha. Sorry Scofield! Forgive me and know you still are my first love. lmao. Anyway, here's the Season 4 Promo Photo.

T-bag in a suit and mustache! Sara ressurected! Scofield still hot! Mahone undrugged! New characters! Looks like we're in for an interesting season. The not-so-creative "theme" tells me the coming season might be similar to S2, where everyone is on the "go". I mean they're "on the road", if that tells you any less.


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