Sunday, July 13, 2008

my first shot at photoshop

Just a week ago, i tried learning photoshop and hoped to figure out how the effects and all that PS jazz works. I know, it's not that big of an achievement when there are hundreds of 14-year olds out there who are already experts at PS but still, don't be a buzz kill! Of course, before anything else, I needed a subject to work on and be able to start a project. Being the extreme fangirl that I have been lately, I had no better choice than Archie. Come on, with his pretty face, an artist can never go wrong. That smile would radiate like a bursting ray of sunshine and turn the entire project into a masterpiece. It may be impossible to find a bad shot of this kid, even at his most awkward moments. The difficulty though, lies in choosing the perfect picture/s to use since every single pic just fights for that top spot. It's insane, especially if you decide to use just one picture!

Satisfied, although a bit unsure, with my own work, i tried my luck and submitted it to the weekly gallery contest at Fanblast. They have had a lot of great gallery submissions for the past week, with R4D and Andrew as my favorite artists. R4d is Filipino too, and has the most gorgeous pieces I've ever seen!

Today, I opened Fanblast and couldn't stop squeeing in extreme delight and utter joy to see my name splattered all across the front page. I freaking won! I had this huge grin on my face, I looked like a friggin' retard for about 3 minutes. I think its really neat to have won considering this was my first project, and to be alongside some really gorgeous works! If you click on the screenshot it'll lead you to the page where I am currently having my 15seconds of fame, haha.

Here are more of the entries which got honorable mentions too. Check out R4D's. I love it!

Before I lose control and go all fangirly to the nth degree, here's my first shot at working with photoshop, the "winning piece". It's a 1280x 800 jpeg wallpaper in which I used some splatter, negative and stitches brushes. Just in case you want to check it out for yourself, that is. Just click on the thumbnail below.

Free Image Hosting at
1280x800, jpeg.
Stand By Me-D.A.
Brush Credits

I have soooo much to learn, still, and I am so excited. I love PS! and I love Archie! By the way, You guys check this site out, its where I got my first set of brushes and vectors. I tell you, it's all sorts of awesome! So much for fangirling, I'm off to download new brushes and PS stuffs!


Gail said...

Kricket ROCKS!! Way to go!! I hope you are doing well.

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