Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Amateur Tastebud: Delectable Davao

Have A Taste of Davao!
[Robbi and Kricket's Food Trips-turned Public Service!]

These reviews are long overdue and thanks to that, I have a wonderful title, haha. For the benefit of the first time readers (like i have that many!), this section is like where I can rave about some of the good, scratch that, best food I've like tasted so far. Judging from the column title, it's coming from a nobody (-ies) who practically just loves to eat. So no fancy spice names, no hyfaluting taste terms (apparently, my kitchen vocab can only go so far as the tastebud shows), and no pricey place recommendations whose names practically spell $ ka-ching $!

For locals and tourists alike, who happen to pass by this page, here's a treat for you as August is only a day away, and the famous Kadayawan (vernacular for good, good harvest, etc) Festival is just around the corner. With your plane tickets and hotel rooms booked as planned, there's no way you'd be throwing away a probable "time of your life" (Oh, Cookie.) by not knowing the best where to's and what to's as regards local food destinations. Thus, this post would just be the first of several entries. Also, I would like to apologize in advance for the rather inaccurate dish names as I had some issues with my blessed cellphone memory where I saved down the dish names. I am hoping the pictures from my often low-batt phone would suffice, though. lol. So, let's get those tastebuds working!

When in Davao, try Coco's!

If you're hungry, or claim to have a large appetite, this is the place for you. At least, if rice is the staple food in your region, though you can always have mashed potatoes in lieu of it. However, if you prefer the latter, that would mean missing out on the glory of the rice that is Coco's. Forgive the misplaced adjectives above but what I meant by it was that unlike most "flavored" rice dishes, Coco's rice does not take away or interfere with your enjoyment of the the flavors in the main dish itself. And from someone who is obsessed with rice, I can say their serving is HUGE, absolutely more than enough to fill you!

But what's rice without the dish? Their Babyback Ribs (above) is a definite delight! If you're not the figure-conscious type, you'd enjoy this one fo' sho'. Cooked to perfection, with the sweetness that's just right. Although available in half and whole servings, this meal is heavy enough to make you want for not just more servings, but for even more tummy space! A sure filler! The best part is, it costs less than the other BBR dishes out there.

Coco's Grilled Chicken (left) is another must-try too! Grilled just right, and topped with melted cheese and bacon bits, the flavors fight for domination as soon as the bits touch your tongue. However, I was slightly disappointed with the sweet/sour dip/sauce that came with it as I was expecting a bit more, for a lack of more specific term, descriptively flavorful. For this dish though, I recommend trying it with Mashed Potatoes instead of rice to better enjoy the flavors (I had rice with it, so I can tell!) and also since the two slices are a wee bit out of proportion with their monster rice serving.

After a rather generous meal, you may opt to try Coco's line of sweets and desserts among which We, more specifically Boo, would highly recommend their Moist Chocolate Cake (left) -- packed, not too chewy, and wildly chocolatey (cake/coating/garnish - all chocolate!). Boo actually still couldn't stop raving about how good it is, despite its rather uncreative name --one that doesn't quite give justice to its out-of-this-world-liness. How good you ask? One word, Boo says "damn".

Other great desserts include the classic Chocolate Mousse and the post-modern Apple [insert proper term that sounds like souffle or krevacuk (wait, that was a singer?) or whatever here] Pie Thingy (right) --baked apple slices with special oatmeal stuffing, with hints of cinnamon and caramel, topped with a scoop of the vanilla ice cream and nuts. Even the description already tells you how good it is. I personally loved loved loved this one. Seriously, Apple and Cinammon are already like heaven's perfect combination! Add oatmeal, caramel, the cold and classic sweet, milky french vanilla to it and your eyes are going to roll upon first bite. I honestly found it impossible not to have gone "MMmmMMmm". I bet Boo would have gone "damn" too.

Tastebud Ratings: (click here for more on my silly rating scheme)
Babyback Ribs, Moist Choc. Cake, Apple Pie Thingy:
-Need to Go Home! Ate waaaaay to much, I need to unload! (5/5)
Grilled Chicken:
-Return Act Awardee. Definitely eating this again! (4/5)
Budget Buzz: A bit pricey if you're not the "spend-for-food" type, but totally freakin' worth it!

If you want to check Coco's out, drop by their place at Torres St., Davao City.


robbz18 said...

Not sure, but I think it's called "struddel".. Ewan. Hehe.

And cot damn, that Moist Choco Cake is hella nice. Imagine the perfect moist cake, ratcheted up to the nth degree. I am calling this the "Moist Chocolate Cake 3000", in honor if Andre Benjamin.

K.R.I.C.K.E.T. said...

the human memory is fallible,and frail. but nothing is more betraying than a memory card, flash drive or cellphone memory gone bonkers. i actually think it was a "streussel". let's go back and eat there :)

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