Friday, August 1, 2008

Music Buzz: Archueta's Debut Single Hits the Airwaves!

This Kid Ain't Going Awayayayayeah...

Finally, Archie's new single is out for the world to hear (only)! "Crush" first hit the airwaves on z100's Morning Show, yesterday, August 1, 2008 at around 7:45AM EST (7:45PM Phils, HK). I actually had to cheat on my IP address just to be able to listen to Z100's live stream of the interview/debut due to some licensing issues, so all hail Hide-My-IP. Of course, while listening, I was spazzing like a total fangirl, all giddy and skippy in anticipation --much like Nurse Joker --yet nervous and hopeful at the same time.

I love how the single has a catchy Chris Brown-ish beat to it, fun, young and very very very radio-friendly. The guitar riff just before the chorus is crazy cute, and it would be seriously a miracle if you don't end up with Awayayayayayeah stuck in your head all day long. If I were not biased, I would say it has "hit" written all over it, not that my bias affects such fact. Of course, the great vocals from Archie is already a given. *rolls eyes* Nonetheless, reviews are better if without bias, so I thought it wise to compile some reviews, comments and videos in connection to the said single which would not only showcase the hilarity of some people's line of thinking , but more importantly leave the fans' --old and recently-converted alike -- hearts aflutter. Just move further in this post, and enjoy!


American Idol's David Archuleta and Crush could give Clay Aiken a run for his money. Although David Archuleta appeals to the teen girl demographic, I believe his appeal is universal. On Elvis Duran's show, he was also receiving support from male fans, thirty-somethings, and senior citizens. Another fan also wanted him to record an album in Spanish. At 17, American Idol's David Archuleta has a bright future ahead of him. (Read entire article at the AP)

If Cook was the raw sexy masculinity on this past season’s American Idol, then Archuleta was the boy band barely-postpubescent cuteness. And earlier this morning, the AI runner-up was all smiles as he exited the Z100 Studios in New York City after debuting his new single “Crush” to the whole world.
And it looks like David has received a style upgrade since his Idol days, as he was sporting a very trendy blue Hurley screenprinted t-shirt with a pair of distressed denim jeans and some Converse All-Stars. If “Crush” is any indication as to Archuleta’s overall musical sound, it looks like we’ll have a radio-friend-winning album coming to a store near you later this fall. (Read entire article at CelebrityGossip)

...David Archuleta's "Crush" debuted on Z 100's Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo this morning (Friday), and no joke - this kid is going to be a HUGE star!...
People Magazine reports: The singer was reportedly shaking when it first aired, but whether it was nerves or excitement, his fans have nothing but praise for the track. You can call him young all you want, but this 'kid' is going to be a big star. (Read entire article at the PostChronicle)

Hold on to your to hats Archie fans, David Archuleta's brand new single, "Crush", debuted this morning to lots of fanfare. And I have to admit, I sort of loved it. It's very pop-y and American Idol-like -- and it is going to be a smash. (Read entire article at The Daily Blabber)

When we heard that angel-voiced American Idol runner-up David Archuleta had signed to Jive Records a couple of months back, our excitement was tempered somewhat by the news that his debut album wouldn't be released until after the one from his pitchy, balding nemesis, Idol winner David Cook. This morning, though, with still no word yet on a new record from Cook (supposedly it's coming out in November, maybe), Archuleta stopped by New York's Z100 for the radio premiere of his wonderful first single "Crush" While we don't have a definitive release date for Archuleta's album, the fact that Idol's producers are allowing him to promote it already sort of implies that his will come out first.
And while a runner-up's album beating the victor's to stores isn't unheard of, it usually only seems to happen when producers are trying to sweep an Idol winner under a rug (sorry, Cook, no pun intended) — Clay Aiken's record came out before Ruben Studdard's, and Chris Daughtry's was released before Taylor Hicks's. Cook is reportedly hard at work on music with songwriters from Collective Soul and Our Lady Peace (so you know it'll be good), but does this latest development mean someone behind the scenes secretly doubts its commercial viability? We're pretty sure we're not going to buy it! (Vulture)

It has a confectionary pop sheen, something Chris Brown could have sung. Although Archuleta’s strength has often been very adult contemporary ballad-type material, the producers clearly picked this song to give Archuleta a more modern R&B feel. I expect his big fans will eat it up and it would fit just fine on Star 94 or Q100 in between Justin Timberlake and Rihanna. Compared to other runners up, this beats the first singles by Diana, Bo, Kat or Blake and I can see it going top 20, possibly top 10. No. 1? (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

We are definitely liking “Crush”….A LOT!!! (TeenScoop)

We listened to the song and it was, in our opinion, a great freshman outing — the tune is catchy, sweet, and young ladies will swoon... (TVGuide)

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: I finally "got" David Archuleta when he performed "Apologize" with OneRepublic on the American Idol finale. Not that I'm a big fan of that song, but its breathy, wistful feel allowed the timbre of Archie's voice to shine through a lot better than any of the big quasi-inspirational tracks his father saddled him with during the initial weeks of the competition. Whoever is putting together his debut album must feel the same way, as "Crush" is a laid-back, dreamy ballad in the vein of "Apologize" and "Tattoo." Archie even slips in some falsetto, as if to further make his combined fanbase of 12-year-olds and their mothers swoon in unison. (

I was surprised by how much I liked it. I mean with title like "Crush", the corniest concepts come to mind. Of course, his voice sounds phenomenal recorded, so that was never the problem. The production must have been done by Stargate, because it sounds a lot like their previous work, especially Chris Brown's "With You". Nevertheless, it sounds really good. The lyrics are also pretty good, and easily relatable. Everyone has had that big crush on someone, so its an easy subject to write a song about. However, this song may be one of the best I have heard about the subject (Mandy Moore's was terrible)...
... I wouldn't call "Crush" awesome, but its definitely a good start for one of Idol's best contestants ever. Radio will be spinning this all fall, so don't be surprised when you hear Archie on your radio soon. Congrats to him. (Brandon's Best Worst)

Hilarious Comments (gathered from non-fans/haters in Message Boards, Sites, Blogs, YT, etc. - Of course, the haters ones are easy to determine. lol.)

I'm sure everyone thought Archuleta would have the corny 1st single while Cook would have the awesome one. Yeah, try reversing that a bit. (Brandon's Best Worst)

Ok, I'll admit it. If we are talking pure song, disregarding the singer, I would like Crush better. But because it's David Cook, I still choose Time Of My Life. (Message Board)

I hate this kid. I mean HATE him. But I love this song.
(Message Board)

Okay, I am sorry, but I actually like David Archuleta’s new song Crush. But just to make up for it, here is Paperboy Eli Reed’s Am I Wasting My Time. (Meaningful Distractions)

I think this is a good first single for him. Pop isn't my thing--but it's catchy and should get plenty of radio play. (LJ)

While not a big Archie fan during the show - I'm pleasantly surprised. This song is very catchy. Total earworm, lol. I predict a fast rise up the Top 40 charts. (TVGuide)

Aww I like it. It's not a horrible ballad like I was expecting so thats even better! (LJ)

I gotta admit it was better than I expected and sounds young and current enough to appeal to the younger listeners. (IDF)

Heck, I wish I had a crush on someone right now. (IDF)

I am a big David Cook fan but I have to admit this is a really good song and will definitely be a hit. (TVGuide)

This song is like. Drugs. Just. Not as illegal, and more addicting. (IDF)

OMG, y'all are right. This song IS like CRACK. (IDF)

I seriously need to have this song on my itunes. It's way too catchy. Darn you Archuleta! (IDF)

Won't even lie, i like this song. Hope he doesn't look awkward in the video. (LJ)

I've never followed AI, but this song is good.(LJ)

and my most favorite:

Damnit, it wasn't awful. (LJ)

Rotf. It's amazing to see how it pains some people to acknowledge such immense talent! Anyway, it was fun to follow some of the stats on the web: #4 on Z100's Interactive 9 at 9, inlcuded on Yahoo's Most Buzzed, Crush being Youtube's Most Viewed, Most Talked About, Top Favorites, Most Rated, etc. The list is nearly endless, and this is barely 24 hours after the premiere of the single. The buzz has been amazing, and to a fan like me, extremely overwhelming but most importantly, well-deserved. You go, Archie!

For now, it's your turn to listen! Feel free to tell me what your think of the new single. You may listen to it below (it's currently on my blog player playlist too!):

If you want to listen to Z100 and catch for yourself a live airing of the single, you may check their live stream or listen to/view the interview and single at Elvis Duran's site. If neither works, here's a stream from Utah's 97.1 (?), or here's more youtube goodies to save the day, Enjoy!

Archie's reaction hearing his single for the first time at Z100:

Archie on Elvis Duran:

Today, Archie is officially a recording artist! I am excited for the days to come, and the future of his career which I am sure to follow! His single will be up for (legal) donwload on Itunes on September 2, however, some sources have reported it may actually be up for digital purchase as early as August 12. Some big faith Jive has on Archie, I must say! So have I, all along.


Anonymous said...

Loved your article and especially the comments from the Archie haters that admitted this is a great song and he is definitly radio friendly.
I was as nervous as he was when his song debuted and David hit a home run with Crush
This will be a big hit and David Archuleta is a star!

K.R.I.C.K.E.T. said...

I'm glad you liked it! It was a pretty special feeling to know all his fans shared the same moment with archie having listened to his single for the FIRST time. A star, indeed!

Anonymous said...

hey there, just wanna say i loved your article. it's great that you were able to compile all those hilarious comments from non-fans & haters. i love the fact that it pains them to say it...but they did anyway! LOL! "crush" is really a great first single from david. i can't stop listening to it! it'll be a big hit!

K.R.I.C.K.E.T. said...

hey thanks! i cant either. its like on repeat mode FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

Great article - thanks for all the reviews. It's great to see even the "non-fans" give him credit for a great song. I can't get enough of it! So anxious for the CD!

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm an Archie fan. I loved what he did on the show which that wonderful voice of his. With Crush out I'm relived that he's in good hands. The song gets better the more you listen to it.

--bianca said...

Wow, what a great blog you've done on the advent of "Crush"! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and especially for digging out those hilarious comments from non-fans. It is difficult for people to admit that they are wrong about something, but there are some hard-core anti-Archies turning around and it's a delight to see!

David is on his way to super-stardom and Crush is the perfect launch for him.

Anonymous said...

loved, loved your blog & all those hilarious comments from non-fans! they just can't deny the fact that "crush" is such a great song! btw, i just realized after reading your other blogs that you're from the philippines too, like me! it's just great whenever i find filipino DA fans coz i feel like our country is "cook country", you know? i dunno, but maybe it's just me...

anyways, again, great job on your blog! can't wait for david's album to come out! :-)

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