Saturday, August 9, 2008

Invading Photoshop!

Archie Made Me Learn PS :"-)

Lately, I've been spending a decent amount of time figuring out how the tools of photoshop freakin' works. And with work, school, and love (lol!), it's been rather difficult to find enough time to really learn everything, so the little that I can spare is already something! Also, they say "Practice makes perfect", and that's exactly what I did. And although perfect isn't nearly a good word to describe how far I've gone, atleast I have realized that I have a couple of artworks - plenty (although i'm not certain if good) enough to put on a website. Setting up the website took me eons as well, but I'm loving it. For now, Archie is my ultimate subject in creating artworks - wallies, siggies, avis, etc. just because I'm his biggest fan. You can click on the site screencap (right), and it will take you to my humble site. I hope you guys can find time to check it out, and drop a shoutout on the tagboard.


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