Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Music Buzz: Archie Crushin' the Charts in Half a Day!

Double 7 in 13 hours!

With all the fans awaiting by their laptop screens, waiting for the ticktock of the clock and that little finger to finally strike midnight, Archie's single "Crush" has officially been released today, August 12, 2008. But just when you think the day can't get any better, my iTunes finally refreshes and shows Archie breaking the Top Songs List! And it has been barely a day, only 12 hours after the release, to be exact.

As of late, Crush is on #3 of the Pop Charts, #5 in Canada's Pop Charts, and best of all, #7 in the Top Songs List (overall). If it weren't for Itunes messing up their charts as regards updating, I would've been seeing the single on an even higher spot as some have already claimed it to be at the #6 spot. Perhaps, after posting this, I'd have to post another update? As David (Mcpheeverish/Idf) said, it seems the single is zooming up the charts faster than the system can track! Or Apple's Itunes-updating-crew is slacking off, big time.

Also, Crush has broken into the Top 10 Mp3's on Amazon, charting at #7!

All this chart-tracking makes me feel all dorky! And I feel like I'm a mother who's sending her son to the University --so excited and so emotional! I won't be holding you for long as I have more refreshing-pages to do, and perhaps more updates. Who knows how much farther has Archie climbed up the charts in the few minutes I've been posting here?

Get your copy of David Archuleta's debut single now, get them at Itunes or at Amazon. For fans outside the United States, without an Itunes Store, please leave your email adresses in the comments section of this post, and you will receive the single as a gift!


Anonymous said...

David has delivered an amazing first single to his fans, and the public. It is rhythmic, David's superior vocals soar and are identifiable throughout, has a catchy beat.. Hey-> I watched lotsa American Bandstand back in the day
His older fans like me find themselves humming along unconsciously, and the verses transport the listener back to those bygone days of school girl and schoolboy CRUSHES... It has an appeal across a very broad spectrum of listeners, and should effectively silence the detractors and critics who didn't believe he had mainstream appeal. CRUSH is the catapult for David to continue his growth and evolution as an artist - I ANTICIPATE MANY MANY YEARS OF OUTSTANDING MUSIC FROM HIM. TAKE A BOW DAVID... YOU'VE ARRIVED.

K.R.I.C.K.E.T. said...

beautiful comment! The music industry of today is lucky to have this one-in-a-million star grace their generation of artists.

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