Sunday, August 17, 2008

Music Buzz: Little David "Crushes" iTunes' Top Spot!

Archie debuts at #1 on the iTunes Top 100

After only 18 hours and 58 minutes, Archuleta's debut single hits #1 on iTunes, beating already-certified-chart-toppers-though-not-necessarily-the-most-musically-gifted, the JoBros and Rihanna (left img). Not bad, or rather, very impressive for a debut single from someone who didn't win the Idol Crown. What's even more note-worthy is the fact that the single was released not without competition, as Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and the Jonas Bros. released their singles and album, respectively, on the same day. Chris Brown's single was also released just a few days earlier.

But the wow-list doesn't end there. Crush premiered only on the radio, approximately 14 days before the single was dropped to the digital market for purchase and with little promotion -- fans finding out only days before the actual premiere, no TV interviews and no Talkshow guestings, AT ALL.

ALthough his exposure in the show may have helped, it is not to be entirely attributed to American Idol --a tag that so often attaches to every have-been-idol-artists whether they bask in success or failure-- especially when former idols, some winners even, barely broke into the charts, save the given often-with-magic-rainbows-or-with-the-lryic-moment-and coated-with-cheese winner's single.

Admittedly a chart-geek, and now seeing his single debut at the #1 spot on iTunes, Archie should be in cloud 9 as we speak, although it's highly ironic for the most grounded person alive right now.

Notwithstanding limited airplay and promotion, Archie has proven that he CAN be contemporary, and bust out hits. I hate the "i told you so" attitude, but with his single sitting comfortably at #1 for at least 6 days now, Little D (as the media calls him) has just crushed the iTunes Charts, together with some haters' hearts, BIG time (right img).


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