Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Dark Dreamer: Season 3 Promo and Spoilers

Bay Harbor Butcher is Back!

It's the weirdest thing when you start hoping a killer doesn't get caught, when most of the time you just want them to burn in hell. Well, Sylar (Heroes) was (the love needs to be rekindled! I need Season 3! ) my first love as regards serial killers and I have sort of gotten fond with T-bag and Mahone but Dexter has this very special place in my heart, for a reason I have not yet quite understood. I love how he's subtle on the outside, but maniacal on the inside. I think Season 2 humanized Dexter though, as opposed to his dead emotions in the Pilot season. His discovery of emotions is what endears him more to his audience, I think. Anyway, here are some stuffs to tickle your murdering fancies:

Warning: Spoilers - don't blame me if I ruin your fun! (from here)
from TV Squad’s Comic-Con report after the jump.

In attendance: Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Clyde Phillips and Melissa Rosenberg. Our friend Kristin from E! moderated the panel.

* Lots of boos from the crowd at the mention of how Dexter appears on CBS. I’m not really sure why, as it’s opened up to a wider audience. It’s not like it’s leaving Showtime!

* We were treated to some scenes from the upcoming season. A “botched kill” by Dexter occurs, as he wasn’t sure of the man’s guilt, and that seems to be one of the main themes of the new season. The trailer featured Jimmy Smits, of course. Dexter is also collecting more slides. The new season premieres September 28.

* Wow, I gotta say Julie Benze looked fantastic. I guess they purposely make her appear a bit more “ragged” in Dexter, because she was pretty stunning up there today.

* Jimmy Smits’s character is considered Dexter’s new “friend” on the show. The two get to a point of no return, so to speak, in their friendship.

* Themes this season: Family values and the evolution of Dexter as a man.

* Lundy will not be back this season.

* Deb will have the beginnings of a relationship next season, but it “will not be with whom you’d expect.” Clyde Phillips was very careful with this one, noting it’s spoiler territory.

* Julie Benz says she’d appear on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse in a heartbeat, if asked.

* Phillips said that comic books would be a natural fit for the show, should it be considered later.

* When asked if Rita’s kids would play a role much like they do in the books (most notably, Rita’s son Cody), Phillips said it was something talked about before, but they decided not to go there and to challenge themselves to do something other than what the books did.

* Kiddingly asked about a CSI: Miami crossover, Hall said it’d be funny if Dexter just came onto the show, helped solved a crime (since he is a cop, after all), and that was it. Brilliant!

* Hall said his favorite kill was Little Chino, since he was so freakin’ big and it felt satisfying to bring him down.

* Marc Ecko (the Barry Bonds ball guy?!) came on and mentioned a Dexter game, coming first to the iPhone and iPhone touch. It’ll include using SMS, gestures, phone calls, and be an “episodic” game.

* There’s a “huge shocking reveal” in the season premiere. Of course they wouldn’t go into that much, just to confirm it and that Dexter says something that he cannot pull back from.

Eeeeeeeeeeeep. Those spoilers got me all giddy! My thoughts: First, it's a bummer Lundy won't be back. I liked that old chap, not the Deb-likes-Lundy kind though. Next, Dexter's on CBS? I even forgot where they aired last time. Not that I don't care, but I'm a torrent person, and my geographical location would be a perfect justification (No Fox, No CBS. So screw anti-piracy) so yeah, wherever it airs is fine. Lastly, Hall loved taking Little Chino down! haha. Oh and Dexter game, great, another reason to BUY the iPhone. Weird, i have this mental image of him crawling under the door or spraying something on wild plants - oh wait, that was Daxter. Anyway, here's a teaser/trailer. Enjoy!


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