Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Outrageous Stuffs: When Safe Sex Isn't Safe!

No, this isn't going to be a Maxim-ish or FHM-ish kind of post, so my apologies to anyone who was expecting that sort. If it's any consolation, it's still related to sex anyway, in a rather disturbing way though. But let's get it on! (pun!)

Heck, Even NO Sex Isn't Safe!

We see environmental movements almost everywhere, from magazines to television ads - more often than not, promoted by some of the biggest stars and most famous people on the world - and covering projects as wide as "Saving the Seas" , "Clear the Clouds", and who knows what other onomatopoeic slogans are there to catch your attention. But we all know that perhaps the most common and easiest way to participate in these eco-related projects is through Recycling. Just for exposition's sake, here:

But China would beg to differ. I am sure though that you are aware of their rather distorted views on ecological, environmental, medical and ethical issues. Through the years, we have been acquainted with a wtf-ful of events: ranging from pukeworthy rather than exotic delicacies (grilled fetus, monkey brains, ant soups, newborn rodent salads and shall-i-continue-the-pukefest sort of things) to not just hazardous but deadly children's stuffs (toxic crayons and lead-infused plastic toys) to poor electronics (overheating remotes and exploding batteries). Shall I continue to elaborate, it's going to be a circus!

But the climax (pun!) of this all has yet to be reported. Only two things could have triggered this sheer genius of a creation:

1) extreme love for the environment, or
2) extreme hate for mankind. cough*biologicalwar&weaponry*cough*

So, give me the pleasure (pun is fun!) of bringing to you this nobel-prize potential, and the ultimate abomination in manufacturing history:

Candy Colored ELASTIC Headbands!

Not what you expected? That's just a teaser.

Get ready.

*drum roll*

I'm afraid it IS what you think it is.


Final blow below (can't.resist.pun.) !!!

Here's the catch: China is saving the environment, making lots of girls happy, and spreading AIDS secretly one condom at a time. And you thought you were hardcore.

At least, they washed it.


RR said...

hahaha....i have to admit, this find is cool(i even think one of the condoms are dotted,hehehe)...who would have thought?you could make headbands out of used condoms...hmmm...makes me wonder, what other recycled products use condoms as elastics...hmmm...just a thought...no need to go condom searching through your elastic stuff..hehehe...but i have to say this is really ingenious...i mean aside from the fact they hid it from most of the consumers of the product and pass the condom off as elastics...they are doing environment a big favor by helping in recycling...i ask you who would take a used condom off your hands???better yet, what recycling plant can you bring your used condoms and ask magkano po ang kilo nito???(hehehe, gross!!!)hehehe it might be gross but i think a lot of people win in this situation... just think, (barring any aids transmission) condom companies can continue to produce condoms and not worry about their recycling issues...the environmental groups are happy coz guess what ur recycling or reusing whatever the proper term is...girls are happy coz u have multicolored headbands(how cute!!!)...the guys are happy coz they finally found a place to stash their used condoms...so all in all (aside from the catholic church) this idea more or less covers all the bases...how ingenious indeed!!!and finally the last thing that amazed me is that how come the Filipinos did not think of that!!!hehehe i would have expected us to come up with ideas like this...c'mon sa hirap ng buhay ngayon eh lahat na nang kayang pagkakakitaan eh papasukin na ng pinoy...hehehe

robbz18 said...

Dude, there's such a thing as "business ethics"... Passing used rubber off as a headband is just plain wrong. I really don't know how serious you are, but that's just the worst kind of thinking right there.

But I call your bluff and raise you more obnoxious statements. ;)

KIMJA: the BLOG-NINJA said...

i actually don't know how to take this in.. i mean, it makes you wonder what else is made from used "rubbers".. the rubber bands on braces maybe?! but just the same.. EWWW!!!


SuperKai said...

from Karton flavored siopaos to condom headbands, what ingenious idea will they think of next?! hehehe

fun post! \m/(-_-)\m/

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