Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Idolmania/Music Buzz: Update Turned Rant Turned Cookie vs. Archie!

No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk?

Great. Now, im confused whether this should be under Idolmania or Music Buzz. I'll decide later, when I'm done with this piece.

It's been ages since my last Idol-related post, since I've decided to skip the ranting in relation to Cookie's effing "win" over Archie. Some 12 million (and more) people over at America must be having some terrible and serious hearing deficiencies, having voted their fingers off for Cookie. Ahem. Half of you probably didn't really vote FOR Cookie. You just voted AGAINST Archie. Well, whadayaknow, I didn't really skip my ranting post after all.


Moving on, Here's another Post-idol "outing" for the Davids. I know, I'm an entire month late, not to mention not having been able to post about their appearances on TRL, The Today Show, Mike and Juliet, Larry King, etc, but i'm not sorry. lol. Anyway, their latest appearance was on ABC's The View. I missed it when it showed on Velvet. For crying out loud, who watches a "morning" talk show at 12:00am? Way to take things literally, Velvet! Of course, I was working my lil' booty off at work when the replay aired at 8:30am. So, screw unfriendly schedules. The Davids had their interviews, and their performances. Cookie sang his "magic rainbow" song, while Archie did Stand By Me. I'm linking the video from Rickey's.

Archie's SBM starts right after the interview, past halfway this clip:

Hott! I know. How can someone be so good live? Not to mention, being able to beat such an already-wonderful performance? Here's Archie's first SBM performance at Idol's Top 4 Week (No, i did not just pick that fact from my brain!):

Obviously, Idol is treating them both as co-winners. With all their backstage manipulations, they do owe Archie anyway. So, following their "fair" example and my ulterior motive of proving who's the [waaaaaaaaaaay] better singer, I will need to post Cookie's Time of My Life too. How unfortunate it is for him to keep promoting such a cheesy magic rainbow song, so cheesy I can dream of unicorns tonight. Funny though how throughout the season, everyone was correlating Archie with cheese, ballads, Disney etc. Oh, did I mention Cookie did a theme/song for Disney's Ad? Ha. Look who's with Disney now. The irony of this all is so great, I can only imagine the 5 stars TOML will add to Cookie's Rock Credibility. So much for the spite because after all, I love the two Davids (i still love you Cookie!).

Here is AI's first "rock" idol, with his first "pop" single:

And to prove I'm not bitter and have moved on, here's Cookie's rendition of the Star-spangled Banner:

Okay, so maybe I was biting my nails at the beginning of that clip almost couldn't finish, not to mention struggled not just a bit watching it, but I'm really not bitter. I do not even need to make a point right? But what the heck, here's Archie's rendition of the American National Anthem:

*wipes smirk off face* Amazing how that voice can radiate even through a crappy phone cam recording! Sadly, that event wasn't televised for reasons only known to Nigel and his devil crew, because as far as i can remember Syesha and Cookie's hometown performances were aired. Only Archie's weren't. They probably wanted some "fair" exposure. I'm not bitter nor sourgraping, but I am (I hope the fangirliness of the next words/phrases doesn't pull down my blogging creds) just healing. I will, and probably already have moved on! I am just celebrating the season that was, and the Archuride that was, that is, and will be! I am thrilled! Archie will forever be my Amercan Idol!

I guess I just ended my blogging stint right there! lol *blog breaks down into cheeses..i mean pieces* Well! That sums up my Post-idol ranting, i mean posting. So who's to say crying over spilled milk ain't helpful? I mean someone's face is filled with a huge grin right now, typing behind her laptop screen, knowing the furrowing eyebrows and boiling blood pressure her post will cause some Cookies and closet Cookies *coughsPercycoughsKimja* out there. The only bad thing it has brought with this post though, was the memory of the Lakers's loss. Oh well, Boo already did his grievance/mourning a.ka. review for that.

PS: Oh, oxymorons, ironies and sarcasm make blogging SO.MUCH.FUN! Boo, here's the "expansion for articles" for you.


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