Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tech Buzz: All Hail Firefox 3

The Mighty Red, Yellow and Blue

The Internet World treats Mozilla Firefox as if it were the Second Coming of Internet Browsers. That, of course, leaves me guessing that majority of the webbing world is now saved and glorified, with the latest release from the Moz team, Firefox 3. It is set to break a world record, and be the devoted follower that you are by getting yours and being a part of the Guinness World Record Effort. After doing your duties as a devotee, be sure to flaunt it, as soon as you get your nifty badge (just like the one I so proudly wear!).

This wonderful news, has me all excited and eager to experience the 15,000 new improvements the team has added. I am only in my blissful first 5 minutes of appreciating Firefox 3, and is sure to report back on the awesomeness of this all. One thing's for sure, this latest release will make Internet Explorer look like a puny, sucky, lousy and worthless browser. More than it already is, to be exact. All Hail Firefox 3!

Firefox 3


robbz18 said...

IE has been puny, sucky, lousy and worthless for years now.

Lazy Goy said...

15,000 new improvements?! hmm... i wonder what they are... the only improvement i've been able to observe is its GUI.

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