Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Blogosphere: Boo Gets His 15 Seconds.

Fangirl meets Fanboy

He's always had this knack for lists, reviews and all that writing blitz. Not a lot appreciate his entries, especially since he blogs (like a crazed sports fan) about, for a lack of better term, dorky stuffs. And just as I have always recognized someone with that gift of writing especially when he so wonderfully articulates the raw emotions, the passion, the intensity, and the devotion to a certain interest --which in his case revolves around Sports, Movies and Music in general -- I have never doubted how Robbi aced that category.

It was awesome to see his post featured on Yardbarker's Widget (see picture below), and his Blog featured as one of the Must-reads at Yardbarker (see picture above). I remember telling him he can give SLAM (SlamOnline) a run for their money because he writes too well! Ha, I may not be the only one psychic between the two of us.

Looks like he and I very well know how to convert our inner fan zommgg1!11! (look it up in fangirl lingo 101) moments into a useful and productive internet energy, something more commonly known as a "good read". Coincidence much? Although I admittedly ought to take some more hints from him.

Take a peek, and find out what differentiates a superficial crazed fanboy from a critical, analytic and objective writer whose brilliance apparently results from just being a fanboy at heart. Visit X Marks the Spot, and enjoy the passion and devotion of a fan, the non-bias and genius of a writer, and the sarcasm and wit of a critic, rolled into one fine blog.


robbz18 said...

*claps* Thanks for the kind words.

In the words of the immortal Puff Daddy (or Puffy or Diddy or whatever his name this hour is)...


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