Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Idol Top7: The MC Week Recap

Idol: Where Cruelty is actually GOOD.

Just when KLC was starting to pick up momentum, and when I was starting to *cough* like *cough* her, she gets the boot. Her pretty face must have been the subject of all hate when the earlier favorites got the boot before she did. Whitaker, Epperson, Malubay, Hernandez and Johns to name the lot. I will miss you, barbie doll.

After Ryan's (and his scriptwriter's) classless "method" of breaking the elimination news to Papa Johns last week, Idol Producers just cannot resist the need to get any meaner, can they?

This week, they choose to toy again with the contestants' feelings in their annual "Choose" stint. Ryan divided the group into two: Cookie, KLC, Brooke vs. Carly, Jason, Syesha. I bet they had a million thoughts per millisecond during those moments... thoughts such as, but are not limited to the ff:

Everyone: Wtf is this, Seacrest?
Carly: KLC with Cook in the "Top3"? This must be a joke.
Jason: Duuuuuude... ...this is not cool
KLC: I'm safe? Hmm, Mr. Dreds, you're next.

Wittle David, however was the last to be called on stage. Leaving confuzzled wittle David backstage the whole time must made the poor thing nervous to bits! And Mr. Not-So-Genius Seacrest should even ask him if he was enjoying. "Ooh Yeaah", replies wittle David although the audience must have reminded him that his facial expressions show otherwise. I thought he was gonna throw up at a weirdly-tanned-and-looking-orange Seacrest. He seriously thought he was going home! The poor kid must have been a nervous wreck the whole time, and forgive the fangirl in me who just wanted to hug him ."There, there..of course you're safe, sweetie." To clear the confusion as regards the impossibility of the groupings, Seacrest performs a switcheroo between Syesha and Cookie. Now, its Syesha, Brooke, KLC vs Cookie, Carly, Jason. Yes, things made more sense.

Like leaving him all by himself wasn't already mean, Ryan eventually asks David to join which group he believes is safe.The audience gasps, Carly does her famous slackjawed and killer eye look, and the producers loved, loved, loved the drama! Wittle David, on the other hand was at his extreme spacey-ness mode. The look on his face was precious! And the way he just plops on the floor refusing to choose was hilarious. Everyone applauds such show of class and extreme adorkability. Simon and Ryan was already pointing him to the safe group, and still, he just stays put as if saying "Nah, I'm good here", and when Paula tells him to move to the "middle" middle , he gives an "omg, whaa?" face. lmao. this kid can't get any more adorable! It was still very very mean, though.

Ryan, Nigel, you guys are just c r u e l.
Thank you for that, and that ultimate adorkable and endearing archud2 moments it gave.

I'm not sure though which is more hilarious, David's refusing to understand and pick which group is safe, or Carly's 30-second delay in understanding she was safe. See for yourself.


robbz18 said...

Saw what happened to Johns and I thought it was really mean what they did. Drop the bomb, why don't ya!

I really enjoy the nicknames (Papa Johns) and new words (adorkability) you churn out weekly. Fantastic!

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