Monday, April 7, 2008

The Amateur Tastebud: The Boyd's Discovery

Chicken in Vinegar Sauce

I feel awful having to write this in a bad and lazy mood. But the long overdue entries are to blame. So let's get this going.

Never have I imagined vinegar to perfectly complement any fried chicken dish, but Boyd's proved me wrong. This has got to be the most awesome sauce-for-this-food thing I've ever encountered so far!

The chicken was nicely done, crisp and tasty but the dip blew me away! I even tried creating my own "version" at home. [Try: 1 part banana catsup + 1 1/2 part Pinakurat] Fyi, the latter ingredient is a local spiced (more of pasteurized?!) vinegar condiment. Anyway, this homemade dip should make a worthy, not to mention, delightful addition to your favorite fried chicken meal. Forget the gravy!

Tastebud Rating: Return Act Awardee. Definitely eating this again!
Budget Buzz: The dish costs less than a hundred bucks! Fair enough.

Beef and Mushroom Pizza

Crust is crisp and perfect, not too light not too heavy. One bite was like a total explosion of meat and cheese! I f''loved it! Cheese, Beef, Onions. All the pizza basics perfected!

Tastebud Rating: Need to Go Home. So good that I ate waaay too much and needed to unload!
Budget Buzz: Regular - a little above a hundred bucks. Double - double the price too, obviously. Family - triple. Totally worth every penny.

(pardon the pizza snap, I told you I'm too lazy right now to do anything perfect)

If you want to have a bite, you may checkout Boyd's Pizza House, beside Autoshop Compound. (i don't know the effing street address!)


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