Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Amateur Tastebud: Farmer's Meatloaf by Gourmet Deli

Breaking the Rice Diet

I remember having "Americans barely eat rice" as my number 1 reason for not being able to live comfortably in the US, not that i have gone there.

Rice is the staple food in our country, and I for one, never get full - no matter how much i eat - without it.

Surpisingly though, Gourmet Deli has proven me dead wrong. I got totally hooked on their mashed potatoes! The texture is perfect, not too pasty, not too dry. The sweet and buttery taste totally complements the crisp premium ham, which is a little too salty. The herbs mixed in, together with the fresh lettuce beneath the mashed potatoes add even more flavor to this already delectable starch overload. For someone as rice die-hard as me, I actually thought the meal was very filling. I totally forgot for a while how much I needed rice for e very single meal.

In contrast to the typical Filipino dishes where all flavors combine in one single dish, Gourmet Deli's Farmer's Meatloaf actually has each part contributing their specific flavor. The stir-fried veggie sticks came quite interesting to me, as steaming them would have probably deprived the tastebud of its unique texture - slightly burnt and crisp outside, but insanely tender on the inside. Sunny side up or Scrambled, eggs always go well with meat and the same doesn't change for this one. Or maybe I'm just biased, considering I love love love bacon and eggs.
All in all, its one of those meals you can eat at any time of the day.

Tastebud Rating: Return Act Awardee. Definitely eating this again!
Budget Buzz: The dish costs less than a hundred bucks! Fair enough.

If you want to have a bite, you may checkout Gourmet Deli at Chimes, Sales St., DC.


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