Tuesday, June 3, 2008



Wow. This blog has been gathering dust, big time.

I have a folder-ful (it's not an error, it's a new word i might become famous for coining) of dishes to blog on, a recently concluded season of Lost to theorize about and of Idol to rant about, and an unexpected circumstance in life to, well, whine and gripe on.

My brain is an exciting and chaotic blur right now! So many words to say, but oh so little time. Father Time has never been a friend of mine, anyway. Pffffht.

Now that I've dusted this space a bit, I just might get back on track with my random daily, even by the hour, ramblings.

Robbi, I'm giving you a run for your (money) blog, so better be ready. [insert evil laugh here.]
*whispers to lazy self: you better not fail me!*


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