Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Idol Top 9: The Dollywood Recap

Wow. I don't even know how to start this. Dang. I should learn how these review thingys work. Okay, here goes. If you're one of the crazy fandom-ers who go rummaging through the web for reviews, articles and bashing slash critiques, Please skip this site. My critiquing (is that even a word?) skills are rather amateur-ish as of the moment.

Out of 10,this is how I'd score the idols:

FTMFW! (absolutely brilliant 10pts)
WOOT! (great 9pts)
COOLIO! (good 7-8pts)
BLAH! (alright/okay 5-6pts)
PFFHT! (bad 2-4pts)
WTF? (like KLC's 8daysaweek. 1pt for the effort)

Oh, and I'm not really big when it comes to Country Music, and this one being Dolly Parton week, I was unfamiliar with most of the songs. This week, I'll be judging based on their performances alone, no song choice considerations whatsover. I'm Asian for crying out loud.

Ramielle - I hate to say this, being a Filipino, but she just hasn't delivered since after Top24 week. Today is no different. I'm afraid she might actually go bye bye. (PFFHT!)

Brooke - She sang Jolene, with her folk band around her on stage. I love Brooke, I think she's a good musician, but I didn't like this particular performance. At one point I thought she was like running a race. I went wth? (BLAH!)

Cookie - Sorry for the nickname. I like David Cook. I love grunge and alternative, and he's just my favorite rocker boy on Idol. I'm not rooting for him though. I liked his previous peformances, and even loved some. The same goes for this performance. I thought he couldn't handle country, but i spoke too soon. He did pretty good,from the falsetto to the acoustic guitar. Plus, I'm more than happy he took the emo look out. He may look smug all over again with his new look, but me likey. (WOOT!)

Carly - I agree with Simon, she needs to look like a star by this time. What's with all the black? Her performance was very good though. Very solid performance, imho. (COOLIO!)

Jason - Funny how Idol actually approved a rather preachy/gospel-y song to be sung on stage. Don't get me wrong, I grew up in Church but I just didn't expect the AI audience to.. well.. be very accepting of it. Whatever, maybe I'm culturally biased. I loved the performance though. Definitely NOT boring. Nice to see him out of his usual comfort zone. Liked it. (COOLIO!)

Syesha - She did the most famous of 'em all - I Will Always Love You - which I thought wasn't smart at all. Okay, she did good at the start, but the rest was just blah. When she decided to go Whitney and belt it out, I went Uh-oh. She didn't crack, but she didn't wow me either. Which makes it all the more useless. I mean, you can't avoid the Whitney comparison. So if you can't surpass that, then imho, nevermind. I didn't get the last prolonged note either. I actually went wth? Nothing against her, in fact I loved her version of Yesterday, but i just didn't like this one at all. (Wow. I seriously think I sound like Simon) (PFFHT!)

Kristy - I have been wishing she get voted off since like, forever ago. And looks like I'm not getting that this week either. She stayed around despite the horrendous 8daysaweek performance, I don't think that's going to change since country is her cup of tea. Hatred aside, I actually liked her performance. Good enough. (BLAH!)

Aussie - Finally his blues side! I loved his performance. The piano, the jazz strings, the rock, the soul. Awryt! Michael's back as one of the strong contenders, imo. Rock + Blues + Aussie = pure love. (WOOT!)

Archie - It seemed the world was on a high during his stellar Imagine performance, but it has been a rollercoaster ride since then. Fans love him even for flubbed lyrics, Haters hate him for doing "ballads all the time", and haters still hate him for doing up/midtempos saying "he should just do ballads instead". Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. It's getting really annoying, all this hate for this sweetie, but I just tell myself, If song choice is all they can fault him with, Damn, he must be one heckuva talented kid.
The Long and Winding Road, was master class. You're the voice was obscure but good. Think about it, If Cook sold Billie Jean an already famous song, like hotcakes, he's good. But what does it take for one to sell to America a totally obscure, almost unheard of, song like Archie did last week? Surely, charm can't be enough. You do the math. Like Paula said, he could sing the phonebook and we'd all fall in love. Before this turns into a love letter, I better get moving. Smokey Mountain Memories - Archie just sang it with so much conviction and emotion, even Dolly was moved to tears. He also hit notes we heard for the first time from him, and finally a glimpse of his falsetto - which is just as beautiful. His runs were wonderful, and the total performance was just brilliant. Okay, i don't want this to be an overkill. So, on the bad side, I didn't really dig the brown and beige outfit. I said that just so you wouldn't think I'm biased, but I guess the 2-paragraph review spills it all. (FTMFW!)

Bottom 3: Ramielle, Syesha, Brooke.
Top 3: Archie, Cookie, Aussie.
Who gets the boot? Ramielle. (She's nice and all, but i, too, have been very disappointed)

Results show, tomorrow. I'd post hints on how to vote for your fave, even when you're outside the US!


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