Thursday, April 3, 2008

Idol Top 9: The Dollywood Recap

Rami won me over, while the KLC hate continues.

Ramielle is Filipino, I know. I think she has a wonderful big voice, the little girl with the great big voice, as the judges branded her. But I wasn't rooting for her since the auditions. Strangely though, I felt really, really bad when she got the boot today.
I actually got spoiled early this morning, and read that her idol journey has come to the end. I thought it was fine. Objectively speaking, she has not delivered since after the Top24 night. But I know she has that great talent and big voice in her.

And so I watched the show. I was squeeing, again, like a little fangirl over the group medley, which is so far, my favorite. The group sang 9-5 and The Archuleta had solos, beautiful ones, thank God.

The weird trio did their weird instrument strumming. IGB clips and even more. Dolly Parton sang Jesus and Gravity. Then, the bottom 3, of which I got a 2 out 3. (not bad for a first time review, eh?). Brooke was crying and had gotten very emotional. Kristy was (still) being a pain in the arse. Ramielle was doing her adorable Oh-dear-i'm-squished-by-these-giants pout. I didn't really dwell on my fellow Filipina's fate at all. Then, TMOT. It's official, Ramielle is OUT. She broke into sobs, and out of Is-this-Atlantis-nowhere, I ended up *insert cheese here* crying as well.

I felt so bad for her, having to hug the lady who should have gotten to boot forever ago. Yes, I predicted Rami's Idol fate ends today, and *insert more cheese here* I friggin' wish I could take it back. I realized how, unpatriotic I have become. I should have shown more blind support, no matter what, not only because of her talent, but because she is Filipino (last word used as an adjective, not a noun).

There you have it, Not only did this emotional boot make me a Rami-convert (not really the Archie FTMFW kind), It also made my perception of KLC "devolve" from her being a cat with nine lives to that night bug you'd want to keep squishing but can't get dead.

Moving on.

Dying to cast a vote for your idol?

As promised, here is my TIP on how to vote for your favorite even if you are outside the US. (I'm sure Ramielle would've appreciated if I posted this a week earlier.)

Download GIZMO5 from this site. This works with XP/Vista/Mac/Linux etc.

Install it.

Register and you're good to go.

Launch program.

Click the DIALPAD tab on the console and dial your fave's number.

+1-866-IDOLS-06 was Archie's this week. I got more than a hundred through. Fair enough considering there's like a 20-30 second lull between hanging up and the console getting ready for another call.

And oh, the best part of it all? +1866 numbers are free. So vote your idol to victory. Archuleta FTW!

There. You now have a chance to not feel the way I did tonight over Ramielle's going home.


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