Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Idolmania 2008

I'm not huge fan of Idol.
I haven't seen any episode of Season 1, 2, 3.
I started watching during the Top 4 Week of Season 4. And i rooted for Bo. (><,) I watched only the finale of Season 5. I started watching during the Top 10 of Season 6. I rooted for ChrisR, and stopped watching when he got the boot. I thought I would love Blake just as much, but nah. I didn't really join the Jordin bandwagon either. This is the only season of Idol wherein I've watched ALL the airings since the auditions.
Yes, I've seen Lapuz' Brothers Forever. Un/fortunately, Simon's horrible gut feeling of it being a hit single came to past. While having pizza last night, I thought i heard a rather familiar (in a bad way) tune. I realized it was Brothers Forever, mixed with this certain beat. I was torn between laughing and getting annoyed.
Yes, I wish they'd shown Archie's Hollywood Day1 rendition of Crazy, by Gnarls Barkley.
Yes, I loved the Aussie's Bohemian Rhapsody.
Yes, I wish Josiah Lemming didn't get cut.
I saw every single episode. And this is record-breaking, for me, considering I'm not a tv person at all.

I always wanted to write about it, but I thought blogging would jinx the chances of my favorite, so I didn't. Instead, I just squee like a silly little fangirl, all giddy inside, every Wednesday for the past 2 months or so.

Since the Top 16 week, I would follow the show live (because it airs an entire 12 hours later in my part of the world) via live blogging. Yes, through the internet. Rickey's, Slim's and Idollive's are my favorites. These three usually compete like maaadddd when it comes to putting up videos and audios of the performances first. Not that I'm complaining. I'm the type of person who cannot live a spoiler-free life. I just have to KNOW before watching. Otherwise, I'd faint due to so much...err..emotions. The same goes for my favorite series (PB, Lost, Chuck, etc) whose "suspense" I like killing off by checking DarkUFO's site.

Back to Idol, I actually couldn't contain all the squeeing and giddyness to myself anymore.

So, I thought I'd just start this errr.. review sort of thing. You just have to bear with my biases of course. I promise to reduce them to the lowest possible percentage though.
So, err. Yeah, I basically decided to join the pool of already-overflowing bloggers/critics for Idol.

To add to all the pop-culture crap and cheese, I'd end this post not on one corny one-liner, but on 3.

Welcome Aboard, self.
Idols, here I come.
What can i do? I freaking love this cheesy show!


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