Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Lock-up: The Doc is IN

Hats off to PB Producers/Writers, Heads (back) on to Sara!

I don't know how to feel about this recently confirmed buzz of Sarah Wayne Callies returning to Prisonbreak's season 4 - as a regular, mind you - since Dr. Tancredi was the perfect love interest for Scofield, i thought way back in season 1. However, her stubborness and often stupidity in the season that followed turned that admiration into a love/hate notion, In fact, I actually didn't feel any sorrier than the infamous Susan/Gretchen biatch for Sara's death, or decapitation. But yes, writers, that was a bit too harsh.

Nevertheless, Sara's stubborness aside, I am actually feeling all fangirl-giddy again for a Michael/Sara reunion. After all, they're my favorite smarty pair.

One thing though, I have no idea how they are going to glue that hideous, open-mouthed decapitated Tancredi head, that left me with sleepless nights, to her neck. (Forgive the necessity to emphasize my point with the image.) But then, I trust the brilliant minds behind my first love in the 2000's generation of TV Series.

And just when I was about to think that Prisonbreak is unfortunately hitting the dust, despite the wonderful season 3, here comes the greatest news I have ever heard for the show - and this might, just might bring Prisonbreak back as one of the most highly-rated series. To PB Producers, i give you props for this wonderful "twist" - that which I may also conveniently call a "desperate" attempt to boost ratings. Well done!


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