Monday, March 24, 2008

Lawstudents vs. The System

SCRA: Silly, Crappy, Ridiculous Afterthoughts
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Lawstudents vs. The System
1 SCRA 1

A strip from my favorite comic duo, CALVIN and HOBBES.
(click comic to enlarge)
My afterthoughts:
  • I'd laugh my a$$ off if one of my kindergarten pupils would randomly spaz about how i have politically influenced them. (^^,)
  • True, the joys and fun of being a preschool teacher makes up for the.. erm.. meager pay.
  • False, the satisfaction of TORTURING and FAILING lawstudents make up for the lousy pay of Lawschool Professors. Galas, Montejo, Valencia, Sagmit - this strip's for you, lot.


half-sleeved_lame.ass said...

hahahaha calvin and hobbes is my favorite too!!! i used to cut them out from the sunday papers and collect them.. teehee!! didn't realize you were into them too!!!

nice to hear from you, krengy!!!!

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