Monday, March 24, 2008

keeping my old blog, why?

For Very Sentimental Reasons.

(forgive the arrogance, but i tend to think that some people are rather dumb to not notice that a certain underlined/highlighted word/phrase is actually a hyperlink, and so i thought it would be best to just tell you anway [fyi], to please click it [the words: sentimental reasons] and just disregard this rather annoying self-interruption if you're not one of those people who do not notice hyperlinks; so you now have to forgive 1)the arrogance 2)the self-interruption and 3) the redundancy of this all because you see, if there were an existing Department of Redundancy Department, i'd most probably be qualified to head it, but then again there isn't, so that's it.[i could just go on with this, but i should really stop now].)


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